Heating Services


Whether you’re in Midlothian or Longview, Texas, you could say our “heating” problems are only in the summertime. But, all joking aside, we do have some cold, cold winters due to many climate changes. You sure don’t want to be without a reliable heating system in the wintertime, which means investing in a heating services provider is a smart move.

Here are some ways that you can check your heating system before wintertime is upon us:

• If your furnace has a pilot light, check it. Light it if it’s out.
• Look at the blower. If it’s dirty, vacuum the debris away.
• Replace the filter at least every 30 days.
• Check the blower motor and lubricate it.

If you would rather this be left to a professional heating services provider, call Porter Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC and sign up for our annual inspection. You won’t have a cold night at all!
Back in the old days, water was used to make heat in residences and businesses. It was efficient and those old radiators stood the test of time. These days, we can combine air conditioning and heating into one system, with just one system of air ducts being the delivery conduit. When we install zonal thermostats in your home or business, this creates even more efficiencies and the saving of money is guaranteed.

Contracting with Porter Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC for heating services is the way to go. Serving Midlothian, Texas & Ellis County as well as Longview, TX. Contact us today for more information!

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