HVAC Contractor


When your ventilation system is not working properly, don’t panic! Call Porter Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, we are the number one HVAC contractor in the areas of Midlothian and Longview, TX.

We can help you solve all of your system’s problems. After listening to your description of the malfunction, we will investigate and recommend to you a course of action. When you have made the decision, we will proceed with our work and surpass all of your expectations.

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As an HVAC contractor, we strive to educate ourselves on new methods of operation and maintenance of systems. This means learning about the industry’s newest mechanical designs and construction methods, as well as new equipment. We operate our business in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and codes, with the goal of attaining high standards.

HVAC contractors are responsible for creating the best system that will change or replace air in a residence or business so that temperature is controlled, and moisture/humidity, smoke, carbon dioxide, and cooking odors are removed and replenished with good quality air.

This is accomplished by bringing air in from the outdoors and/or circulation of air within a building. We can help create a ventilation system for your home or business that will best suit all of your wants and needs. Contact us today for an HVAC company you can rely on!

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